Computer Maintenance
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This page will have basics on Computer maintannce.
Last modified on MAR.1,2007

Computer Maintenance
Defrag -puts your filles back in order to help keep your computer running smoothly
Go to the start menu , then all programs find accessories in the system tools ,should be defragmenter-how often will vary depending on usage.,once a week or every other week should be good.

Safe mode- is easy and good to understand.
In safe mode only needed programs will load up when restarting your computer,some features and programs will not be available. If there is a conflict with software preventing your logon normally then safe mode may help you bootup and uninstall or correct the can also use safe mode with mode also runs programs faster-like defrag , virus scans ect. less security while on line in safe mode.
F8 or F10 after turned on before windows starts to load up. shoujd get into safe mode options.

To close programs ( in most cases ) running ,or not responding hold the Alt,and Control key's down and press the Delete down, choose program, also allows to reboot or shut down.
The less programs on a bootup or running on the set up will play a big part on how fast the computer boots up and runs.

Restore point-It is good to have a restore point(s) preferable after a clean install and all drivers are installed..

Keep in mind that when you unInstall software you downloaded it may and can remove files needed to start or run your operating system.
Anyone wanting to search the web for downloads or learn the internet and computers I recommend
(1) Buy a $100 Computer
(2)Be willing to crash it , get frustrated.
(3) Learn how to re-install windows

KEEP IN MIND that newer computers and some older hardware(such as sound , modem and ect.) may need drivers other than your operating system (WIN 98,2000 , XP ect.) disk has, these things will not work until drivers are installed.If you have the drivers on a seperate disk installing them is easy.

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