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Syracuse taxi discount rates prompt safe lower price cab rides.

Local and long distance cab rides. On time professional .

Midstate taxi is a small family owned business Serving Syracuse airport and cny for many years. We choose to stay a little company to better accommodate our valued customers.



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CLICK 315-214-1929

Airport - Bus/Train - S.U. - Downtown - Hotels - Turning stone - Saint Joseph's health Amphitheater - and more.

Due to insurance
reasons and safety

Limit 4 passengers
No alcohol
No drugs and
No smoking.

Never pay full price with us.
Below is what companys can ask for !!

City of Syracuse taxi rate( official ).

Upon entering taxicab -$2.80.
For each mile thereafter - $3.20.
For each hour waiting after the first five minutes - $20.00.
No charge shall be made for children under 8 years of age when accompanied by persons paying a fee.
. Minimum fare for any trip shall be $5.00 .
Senior Citizens (*age 55 or older) and.
Physically Disabled individuals shall receive a ten percent (10%) discount from the metered fare..
YOU PAY - (PASSENGERS LOADED ANYWHERE) One person -pay the meter rate Two or more persons to
DIFFERENT destination - each pays the meter rate to his, less $2.00 each when single rate is $5.00 or more .
Two or more persons to SAME destination - equally divide the meter rate.
- A fee of $.50 shall be added to the meter rate for each additional passenger exceeding two..
BAGGAGE CHARGE - $.50 for each pair of skis, foot locker or golf bag for each item in excess of two suitcases
and carry-on luggage per person.
LICENSE DIVISION AT 448-8610 (Revised 8/06) .

10% discount minimum on any phone work off meter
except $5 minimum on any ride,

Go farther and discount off meter will increase.
Ask dispatcher for a flat rate or maximum amount.

Please know the distance if possible prior to the quote
To save time on the phone
Thank you.

Airport discount taxi Time call pickups welcome.

Business and cny college transportation services.

Syracuse International Airport address
1000 Colonel Eileen Collins Boulevard
Syracuse, NY 13212


Syracuse RTC
(Amtrak,Greyhound,Trailways,Mega bus)
1 Walsh circle
Syracuse, NY 13208

Syracuse airport

Syracuse greyhound

Syracuse trailways

Amtrak main

Mega bus main

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Syr.10 day forecast

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Syracuse taxi discount rates prompt safe lower price cab rides

Please e-mail any questions or comments,   Thank you.

[email protected]

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Thank you for visiting our website and taking the time to get to this point. If any questions please contact us we hope to be of some service.

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