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Midstate Taxi

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For the USA FCC rules,please stroll down this page.

Below are various websites with scanners
Some need real player or winamp-there free
These are worth checking out

Some of these maybe currenly down,But will be left on this website for they may return.

I have the pages come up in a new browser and noticed that google popup blocker,Blocks the pages from opening,If that is the case you can disable it in google option's.

Checked and updated on MARCH 28,09

( good )= checked on or after Dec.18,2010 at random not in order.

Police , Fire and Rescue

SYRACUSE,ONONDAGA COUNTY 911 ( works with my phone. )

Chicago Police and Fire ( works with my phone. )
Maricopa County AZ. ( works with my phone. )
NYC PD( good )
Detroit Police( good )
Paducah,Kentucky Police( good )
JFK NYC( good )

Is it legal to live stream scanners on the Internet?

Internet Live Stream Radio
Date: October 10, 2007

FCC rules do not prohibit redistributing over the Internet those communications licensed under FCC rules Part 90, such as the communications
of local government, law enforcement, civil defense, private land mobile, or public safety communications, including police, EMS, fire.


To be continued

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