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Last changed on Sept.13-07

Below will be downloads I have installed ,use and trust , others may want to use.

Google Toolbar , The best little search engine in town.Google toolbar

Wordweb , Top of the line , off line dictonaryWordweb dictonary

EMS Free Surfer , Very good popup stopper EMS Free Surfer

WebShots , This is really nice software for Desktop and Screen SaversWebShots

Ace DivX Player , Small file , Good for video's and musicAce DivX Player

Belarc , Helps define your computer Belarc

AnyPassword , This is a good little Password locking folder AnyPassword

Cryptainer , This creates a Hidden 25mb drive very good locking vault holds 25mb. free ,Just don't forget its there ! ! CRYPTAINER

Opera , This is a useful browser Opera Browser

Avi Screen classic , Not sure if this should be on the security page , but I trust the software company So see what a little software can reveal about you .I ran it a few will continue to run so be sure to run it a couple minutes review it,then delete it.Avi classic screen

Below will be different cleaners ,worth linking to .

G-lock temp.cleaner,good safe cleaner,Top left I check all-Bottom left I mark folders and C drive 4 yrs now ,.G-Lock temp. cleaner

Regclean by Microsoft, 4 yrs now cleans some of your registry ,.Regclean by Microsoft
Two registry cleaners below if you don't know them , please learn the software first
With both of these , If you run a scan ( suggestion )only remove or fix the green beads. or Know what your doing.

Wise Registry Cleaner . Only remove safe (green) beads,.Wise Registry Cleaner (new to me)
Seems easier to understand than jv16

Jv16 Registry Cleaner . Only remove safe (green) beads,.JV16 Registry Cleaner
If you remove spy / adware some programs associated with them may not work.
The page Below will offer links to.
Sygate Firewall
AVG Anti-Virus
Spyware Cleaners
Adware Cleaners
And More

Software to help keep your computer yours ,.Security Page

To be continued

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